Friday, November 10, 2006

Piledriver pellets

yeah, my Piledriver pellets arrived today! Now I just need to save up for something that can actually make use of them, hahaha. Definitely Condor material, and I can't wait. I know the Slavia 631 and the Crosman 2240 project of mine will both be way too under-powered to make any use of them. But I figured I might as well get in on Randy's big order from the UK so I'll have some to use in the future when I do end up getting a Condor and something near that power level in .177 to shoot with. They sure are big pellets, that's for sure. The .177 is 21 grains, and the .22 is 30 grains. Compare that with a garden-variety .177 pellet of 7.9 grains and a .22 of 14.3 grains, and you can see how these won't fare too well in the non-PAL airguns, hehe. Sure will be nice once I venture into high-power PCP territory, though. Thanks, Randy! Now hopefully Specialty Shooting Sports or some other Canadian vendor will start carrying these in the near future. I won't need any for a little while, but it would be nice to know it won't be a huge hassle to get more in the future.


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