Friday, November 10, 2006

Piledriver shooting

So I went out back quickly with the 2240 and shot off some of the Piledrivers. Surprisingly they actually shot pretty well from that airgun. I thought they would have been a lot more anemic than they were. They needed a little push to load, a fair bit of resistance as it went into the bore. A regular pellet just goes straight in, no questions asked. But these suckers need a little encouragement, heh.

Here I was shooting from roughly 40m and I aimed at the top CD. The 14.3 grain Crosman hollow point hit that second CD, and the 30 grain Piledriver hit the third one. I believe I was at 20m when I was zeroing it a while back.

So, what's that, maybe 5-6" difference in point of impact? Not too shabby, considering the capability of that 2240 project that's still running on CO2. It's only about 6C out there, and it's raining, to boot! Here's the difference at 10m, only this time with a Crosman wadcutter and the piledriver. I aimed a bit off to the side because I couldn't remember whether I was zeroed at 10m or 20m, and I wanted to be sure to see each hole. You gotta click it to see it properly. Weird resizing eh?

So that hit about 6.5 grids lower. I forget what the grids are, but it's just a standard letter size piece of paper so it's not very much. Here's some pics of the Piledriver pellet after the 10m shot.


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