Monday, November 13, 2006

Piledriver ballistic coeffecient is pretty high

ok, these results aren't mine, but if they're typical and correct then it gives the Piledriver pellets a pretty high ballistic coeffecient.

Airgun Forum post with Piledriver chrony results.
820.2 ft/s avg of 5 shots
765.8 ft/s avg of 5 shots
41yd or 123ft
Uprange Chrono Distance = 2 ft
Uprange Projectile Velocity = 820.2 ft/s
Downrange Chrono Distance = 123 ft
Downrange Projectile Velocity = 765.8 ft/s
Calculated Ballistic Coefficient: ~0.0735 (~0.073)

For comparison, a .22 Crosman roundnose has a BC of 0.0166 or 0.019, according to the two sources I found. A .177 Crosman wadcutter has a BC of only 0.009! I imagine the .22 wadcutter would be even worse. Of course, those are wadcutters. Naturally you'd be using a roundnose for any shooting above 10m in distance. So the 0.0166/0.019 BC is a better comparison. No wonder the Piledriver pellets hold so much energy downrange, pretty high BC, that's for sure. Can't wait for the Condor purchase, hehe.


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