Monday, November 20, 2006

What's wrong with Matt Hughes?

Here's a post I just made on the Matt Hughes forums. It's pretty much everything I was going to say about him here, so I might as well just paste it here as-is. If the link doesn't work, you know it's because they deleted it.

Update - haha, well, I don't know if it has been deleted or not, but I've been denied access to the forums, at any rate. Typical. Can't even go have an honest discussion about his antics in the octagon, because some moderator only wants brown-nosing on the forums, I guess...pathetic.

Update2 - ok, so here's some pics of the BJ Penn incident. They more or less speak for themselves.

ok, so in his second fight with BJ Penn, he fakes a thumb in the eye. You look at the replay frame by frame and it is quite clear that BJ's thumb, while on Matt's face, is below the cheek bone, nevermind the eye. But Matt put on a good act. Had Penn not sustained the injury/pull in his ribs he would have beat Matt anyway. He dominated that fight, and Matt lucked out with Penn hurting himself. Hughes was getting rocked left, right, and center, and he knew he was going to lose. Oh, you touched my face, I better act like you shoved your thumb into my brain through the eye socket. Couldn't believe it. Lost so much respect for him there.
Now, we come to his second fight with St. Pierre, and it only gets worse. St. Pierre lands an inside leg kick, which was *close* to being a groin shot, but not quite. Again, you watch the replay and it is clear that the most that happened would have been a slight tap on his cup. There was most definitely no groin shot. Hughes thinks about it for a good 2-3 seconds, and decides, hmm, that was kind of close, and I'm kind of rocked from getting punched in the face. Might be a good oppurtunity to pretend I got a nut-shot and get some free time to recover! And that's exactly what he does. And then they get started again, and a similar kick from St. Pierre sends Hughes into acting mode again! wtf! And once again the replay clearly shows that the most that happened was his cup was slightly grazed, definitely no nut-shot. But, there's Hughes, on the mat acting like a chump. He knew he was going to get knocked the #@!% out and was desperately trying to get some time to recover. What a fool. Oh well. St. Pierre was winning their first fight quite handily, until he made a slight mistake and left his arm out. Now this time he won, as he had more experience in the octagon, and didn't make a mistake similar to the one he made in their first meeting. Matt's got no chin, never has, and it was never more obvious than in this second St. Pierre fight. It was absolutely hilarious to see St. Pierre stuffing his takedown attempts and keeping it a stand-up fight. Poor Matt. Your time has passed. Good to see you remembered to put your tooth back in before you got interviewed! Good for you! You insecure little man. That always made me laugh, seeing you in that old UFC, desperately telling the people in your corner "get my tooth, get my tooth!" before your interview started. Oh no! Someone might see you with your tooth out! The world will end!!
I've got an extremely good feeling that this post will be deleted. It is, after all, my first post here, and it does nothing but bash Hughes. But hopefully it won't get deleted, and you can all discuss this horrendous issue of Hughes faking bad shots to get time to recover. I've lost all respect for him, completely. Such a shame. He used to be one of my favourites, in fact. But after these two fights and his absolutely shameful behaviour, I'm afraid I can do nothing but shake my head. He should be ashamed, and I'm glad someone finally followed through and beat him.
There have been so many close calls in his last bunch of fights, it has been quite clear for some time that he's been losing it, and other fighters are clearly better than him now. St. Pierre absolutely dominated him. BJ Penn did the same, and would have won were it not for his self-inflicted injury. He lucked out against Gracie, where Gracie was a bit too aggressive and left himself out in the open just long enough for Hughes to grasp. And he lucked out in the Riggs fight, getting that kimura. Just a mistake by Riggs, there. Had Riggs been a bit more careful I would say he would have easily knocked Hughes out.
Matt's got some tell-tale signs that I've noticed lately, tattling on himself when he's been hurt. Whenever someone lands a good shot that rocks him, he usually does one of two things. He jumps back away from the opponent a few steps, and does that stupid little back-and-forth arm swing that he always does, acting as if it was just a slight shot that just got his attention and he's just recomposing himself. That's when he's been hit with a good one. When someone really clocks him, and he's been rocked a bit, he'll jump back as usual, but he'll smile as though he's acknowledging that he got hit, but as if he's trying to say that it wasn't really much so you should be worried because you can't really hurt me. But it's always so obvious that he's been hurt, as when he does the smile routine he's usually a little wobbly on his legs for a few seconds. You can always see it in his face, he's been hurt. And the odd little smile just makes it more obvious.
So, go ahead, delete the post. Or, better still, debate all my points and opinions.


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