Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Silhouette shoot

So, my PAL finally showed up in the mail back on Monday, Jan. 8th, and I picked up one of these on Wednesday.

It's a Savage Mark II FSS rifle, stainless with synthetic stock. It's a .22LR bolt-action, with a 10-round magazine. A decent starter, I figure. Well worth the $300 I paid for it, as far as I'm concerned. I put a PoS scope on it for now, a Tasco 3-9x32mm I picked up at walmart for $65. This one, only in black. The rings it came with were hella cheap. So cheap I actually swapped them for the ones that came with my Crosman 4x32mm airgun scope, heh. I've had fun with it the week I've had it. Sunday morning I went out to the Nanaimo range with my cousin John to shoot my first metallic silhouette match, and that was a lot of fun. Was *so* cold though, only stayed for the first half.

1st round: 13/40

Chickens @ 40m: 6

Pigs @ 60m: 1

Turkeys @ 77m: 2

Rams @ 100m: 4

2nd round: 15/40

Chickens: 3

Pigs: 3

Turkeys: 3

Rams: 6

So, that wasn't too bad for my first time out, I guess. Going to go out to those monthly matches every time, I imagine. Be more fun when it's not so cold that you're freezing your ass off though, haha. Got some "fun shoot" at the Parksville range tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure what kind of shooting it is. We'll see in the morning I guess. Probably going to drive down to the Malahat range down near Victoria on Sunday for another silhouette match, got the bug now, haha.


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